Sunday, 21 December 2014

Here and There: Veterinary Surgeries

Above, the veterinary surgery in the small Australian town that I grew up in; 
below, the veterinary surgery in Preuilly.
Au jardin hier: More grubbing up of cherry suckers. The Aged One was impressed that I was using a mattock. Not many women can use a heavy mattock apparently...
A la cuisine hier: Vegetarian Chilli Beans, easy and satisfying.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm is an Aboriginal owned and run nature reserve not too far from Alice Springs. Because of the presence of water the vegetation here survives from an earlier, wetter climate. The Cycad palms are particularly notable.
A la cuisine hier: Cream of Mushroom Soup, savoury and simple. 
Simon made Shortbread, in traditional wedges. The secret ingredient is fine semolina.
Truffle Market: The first truffle market for the season will be held at Marigny Marmande, near Richelieu, tomorrow.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Model Trains

Simon has been having fun with PhotoShop again, creating a 'maquette' style photo of the railway works yard at Saint Pierre des Corps so that it looks like a model railway.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cute Quotient for Today

Who needs kittens when you can post photos of cute squirrels at Chenonceau?
Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for the attractive stripey shield bug Odontotarsus purpureolineatus.
A photo of a track through arable land has been added to the Rural Tracks entry and the Butterfly Surveying in France page.
Au jardin hier: I started the labourious process of grubbing up the volunteer cherry seedlings today. I worked at it for about an hour in the drizzling rain and decided that was enough for one day. I estimate it will take me 6 - 8 hours to get rid of them all, but it has to be done. They've been mowed over several times now and are forming trip hazards.
A la cuisine hier: Spanakopita, using that brilliant product, brick. The filling was our homegrown chard and local fresh cheese from the laitière who delivers her dairy produce to the door.