Monday, 21 April 2014

Bells and Bunnies

In France the church bells go to Rome and bring back Easter eggs, so you also find chocolate bells amongst the chickens, eggs and rabbits on the supermarket shelves.

Lindt make Cloches d'or and Lapins d'Or as special treats for Easter.
Honey Bee Swarms: Chris Luck has written a timely post on what to do if you have a honey bee swarm on your property. We noticed a beekeeper dealing with a swarm only a couple of days ago in Richelieu.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

La Chiotte

An Australian icon this. But this traditional looking dunny houses a smart modern composting toilet, not a metal pan that has to be emptied and buried once a week.

(And just so you know -- Redback Spider distribution map)

Up until my mid-teens I had never lived in a house with an outdoor dunny. We lived on farms, and had septic tanks, but when we moved into town, we got downgraded to a shed down the back of the garden because the small town we moved to didn't have a sewerage system until a few years later, in the late 70s.
The dunny in the photo above is at Brayshaw's Hut in Namadgi NP, ACT.

PS Chiotte (or more usually, chiottes) is French for dunny. (It amuses me that even when you are using slang it is not considered proper to refer to toilets in the singular in French.)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk

While we were in Sydney in late 2012 we engaged in the latest must do attraction that Sydney has to offer -- the Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk. We walked along the cliffs between Bondi and Coogee on a very hot day. We had the best company -- our friends Liselle, Alex and Stefania. The scenery is dramatic and the views wonderful. The path is very popular and well used by all sorts, from locals going for their daily run to groups of young foreign tourists enjoying the sun, surf and sand. Nothing like this was here when Simon and I were spending time in Sydney in our 20s (ie 30 years ago).


This last image was taken looking back the way we had come. All the rest are looking forward, with Bondi behind us and Coogee to come.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Cirque d'hiver

 The 'Winter Circus' in Paris's 11eme arrondissement is a large 20 sided oval building designed as a theatre in the round for the performance of circus, dressage, wrestling and concerts. It opened in 1852 and was a favourite hang-out of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. For more information about its history and pictures of the interior, see Paris Connected.